2017 Mandinga Ancestral Festival Gallery

Kenya Welcomes a Taste of Afro-Brazilian Culture

Nairobi, Kenya, 4 December 2017
In 2015, Contra-Mestre Salim Rollins founded Capoeira Angola Center Kenya (CACK) with the vision of bringing Grand Mestre João Grande to Africa and offering free classes to at-risk out. As one of the first international Capoeira Angola festivals in Africa, Mandinga Ancestral established a benchmark for future events—contributing to increased interest in capoeira and cultural tourism in Africa. Kenyan businesses including HealthyU; Kili Natural; La Maison Royale Hotel Nairobi; Peppercorn Holiday Resort in Naivasha; Pampa Churrascaria; Abyssinia restaurant; Mama Zaza’s; and the Kenya National Theatre discounts and in-kind donations, post-event surveys revealed attendees sense of appreciation for the festival delivering an experience above and beyond their expectations. With support from the local and international capoeira community through direct donations or purchase of Mandinga Ancestral apparel on the website, CACK will continue to offer free workshops for youth in Nairobi slums and open level twice weekly adult classes in Kilieshwa for. Ksh 1500.

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